It is a map of relationships that provides a general vision of the Pre-chapter proposal.

  • A big circle at the center in which the nucleus of what we want to be and to live is found. The theme: Walk, Listen, and Dance with OTHERS, FOR others, from the Other, WE ARE HANDMAIDS OF THE DIVINE HEART TODAY.
  • The rest of the circles include this one and revolve around it. These circles represent a route: interiority, common home, education, map of presence, etc.,
  • Each of these circles generate an internal and external movement from the nucleus to the periphery that configures the way of building also what we are. It describes the constant process of transformation and personal and community connection.
  • The whole (the theme) is on each route and each path contains the whole. They mutually enrich each other.
  • Each route has its own movement in tune with the center, but also in the space of intersection and connection with other circles (other routes, i.e., the connections between interiority and education, conversations and common home…)
  • It is a structure that generates movement, it is in the process of development. It is enriched and developed as it goes and interacts with other routes. It is a pattern of action.
  • In this interaction, new colors are created in the sum of the intersections which reflect novelty, new routes, creativity, complementarity, richness, nuances…
  • It is a new way of being connected, centered on the nucleus that contains, identifies, and unites us. It promotes our identity and invites us to set forth to an encounter with the world.
  • It is a map in motion that speaks of the process and journey.
  • The complete image speaks of our identity: Handmaids of the Divine Heart today.