All Handmaids of the Divine Heart, bold and confident, have listened to the needs of the world and the Church, in seeking God’s will together. The invitations or calls that the communities have emphasized are closely related with each other, they are interconnected, “concern for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to the society and inner peace are inseparable.” (LS11)

To answer to these calls, we need to head a journey that starts from and ends in our identity: TO BE A HANDMAID OF THE DIVINE HEART in the Church and in the world today. We seek how to be who we are and how to express what we are —our consecration, our identity— today. We want to live a Religious Life that is prophetic, that questions, that updates its language, its narratives, and its rituals. We ask ourselves if the Religious Life that we understand and live out today is the Religious Life that it ought to be, the Religious Life that the youth and the world are in need of today.

Embodying our identity in today’s world leads us to recreate different routes that we are already journeying through (click in each imagen to access to the explanation)