Throughout this process, the event that occurs in the biblical passage of the Visitation emerges within us and inspires us. Mary, upon contacting with the needy, sets out. Mary and Elizabeth meet, they listen to each other, they talk, they greet each other and the life they carry within overflows. The story is crowned with the song that makes Mary dance —the Magnificat—.

As Handmaids, we WALK acknowledging the presence of God within us and LISTEN to the promptings of God in others and in everything that exists. We walk with all of humanity in this moment of profound change. We walk as companions on the same journey filled with the experience of God’s love.

Along the way, we LISTEN to the cry of the wounded world; it moves us and inspires us to leave our comfort zone and GO FORTH. We listen to others and make their needs and concerns our own. We listen, we meet, and embrace others wherever they may be. We listen and make ourselves available for others. We listen and discover that we are one and that we are all interconnected.

And like Mary, we DANCE for the gift of life and our vocation as Handmaids of the Divine Heart. We dance with others full of joy because God loves his people and always accompanies them. We dance in gratitude for his kindness and faithfulness.