Meeting of management teams of the apostolic centers owned by the Congregation

On February 10 and 11, the second online meeting of the Management Teams of the centers owned by the Congregation took place. We met from different parts of the world: Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil and Angola.

The first day had a more charismatic essence. The different activities helped us to get in touch with our values ​​as Spínola Family, within the Church. We had the opportunity to recognize them in our own selves and in each of our colleagues in the Management Team. This charismatic engagement in an appreciative sense helped us remember the purpose of our schools/centers: To announce the personal love of Jesus Christ, with a specific style of relationship, which is always "heart to heart".

The second day was an invitation to dream… starting from the charism that unites us, and from that desire to live in “relationship”, we began to imagine what this “network of ADC schools” could be like in the future. How could we help each other to walk together in this challenge that we share of promoting a quality, equitable and inclusive education for all. When sharing what it can contribute to the different centers and how we imagine this NETWORK, we felt that it was not about to create, but that it had already begun to work! And it was felt in the environment (despite the distance and the screen) that this NETWORK animates us. What is it going to be, or is it already being the impetus and mover for the change we dream of - for the transformation we want to generate in the world around us, where every school is immersed?

There were two short days, 3 hours each, so that it was possible to bring together the different time zones. But as they say, "what is good, if it is brief, is twice as good". That was the feeling that this meeting left us. The certainty that something good is being born, a great desire for "more" and wishes that this NETWORK continues to grow in relation to other "friendly networks". We do not want it to become big but strong, and it can be like that "mustard grain" of the gospel - generating much life.

And so, we look forward to the next encounter, willing to put the best into play to continue weaving this NETWORK, which sustains and drives us.

Ángela Lopera Casa, adc