2nd "Laudato Si" Encounter

Last January 29, at the habitual time, so as to be able to coincide with all the latitudes, the Sisters and the Spínola Lay Associates met virtually for our 2nd “Laudato Si” Encounter.

To the joy and emotion of the initial greetings among ourselves, we added the contentment of the great motivation we brought with us, that of learning and putting  into practice an initiative which keep on committing ourselves to the care of our Common Home.

We were invited from Japan to start this Encounter by encouraging us to cross with Jesus to the other shore trusting Him in moments of difficulties.

The time of sharing the good practices was an impulse to welcome with hope the proposed formation. From the Philippines we were shown how to recycle water so as to feed the animals and to water the plants; it was done in such a way that favors some of the neighbors. From Ecuador, we saw how to resolve gradually the difficulties that might arise at the time of managing the waste and how the process itself is enriched if we look at the more vulnerable persons.

Cote Romero y Rodrigo Irurzun, two specialists in these themes, with rigorous but simple language, and with the wisdom of their knowledge - and in a warm manner - talked to us about the impact of our actual energetic model in our Common Home. The richness of the dialogue that followed, came hand to hand with the resonance of the questions posed from different places…. the questions sounded differently when asked from Angola, Philippines or Spain.

The Encounter lasted longer, but the interest did not wane at all; we wanted to have more. We were then informed about the 3rd “Laudato Si” Encounter in March

Mª Victoria Villanueva Quirós, adc